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Arts, Media and Entertainment

Animation is an interdisciplinary field that integrates work in visual literacy, communication media and technology, technical skills, design principles, and critical thinking. As you work in a collaborative environment, you will develop communication skills for the 21st century.

The programs in art offer you the opportunity to practice art in a studio setting as you apply design principles to your work with either two-dimensional or three-dimensional art in a variety of media including ceramics, digital art, painting and drawing, photography, sculpture, or small metal-work. You may also study art history.

Communication Studies is more than just Public Speaking. Itís learning about communication and learning to apply effective and appropriate communication skills in a number of settings, including interpersonal, intercultural, team or group relationships, and various forms of media. Come, explore and learn to improve your own communication skills for a better job, a better community, and a better life!

Earning a certification in the field of dance provides you an opportunity to pursue a career in dance as a performer, choreographer, or instructor. You will become proficient in different dance technique styles, gain a firm understanding of dance pedagogy, dance appreciation and music theory, and become competent crafting movement classes and dance choreography.

The Fashion Design Program is a professional, effective training program that will prepare you for an exciting career in the fashion industry.

The increasing demand for content promises to keep the graphic arts field expanding with a wealth of career and creative opportunities, both in the print field as well as in digital media. Graphic designers utilize color, visual design principles, and typography to develop messages that meet client and business objectives.

The Interior Design program is a comprehensive, professional curriculum which provides courses focusing on the vital and basic aspects of interior design.

Different programs in the field of music prepare you to create and produce music, especially in multi-media and digital formats. You will gain hands-on experience and a working knowledge of the creative and technical issues surrounding the production of digital audio content and its application and synchronization within other media.

When you complete this program, you will be able to apply film and theatre terminology and language, analyze literature, identify production components, distinguish film and theatre styles and historical periods, demonstrate collaboration and team-building skills, creatively solve problems, demonstrate communication skills, and create and demonstrate informed and personal artistic choices in coursework and productions.

Web and mobile designers are strategic thinkers, producers and technologists whose work intersects design thinking, visual communication, technology and user experience. In these courses you will learn to design sites and apps that perform on multiple devices based on customer needs, user interface guidelines and current technologies.