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Business and Marketing

Accounting is the language of business. Studying accounting allows you to combine your interest in business and numbers in to a viable career path. Studying accounting allows you to combine your interest in business and numbers in to a viable career path. Accounting is the language of business.


This instructional program prepares individuals to perform any combination of the following tasks: apply the accounting cycle for both a service and merchandising business through closing the books for a sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation;

Accounting and Bookkeeping IET

English Language Learners will co-enroll in ESL & CTE programs. The course will contextualize literacy, workforce training, and workforce preparation skills simultaneously. English Language Learners will learn the basic accounting equation, debit and cred

Accounting Level 1

Build your accounting foundation and learn about basic accounting concepts and procedures.Visualize and analyze transactionsUse debits, credits, journals and ledgersIdentify and work with financial statementsUnderstand GAAP and the conceptual framework of

Accounting Level 2

Expand on the accounting basics and gain proficiencyApply accounting principles to key accounts Decide on cash vs. accrual basis Conduct Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable transactionsSet up and process payroll Close books This class counts towards

Business Administration focuses on business management and prepares you to work in the world of commerce. Business administration coursework includes the principles and application of economics, marketing and planning.

Communication Studies is more than just Public Speaking. It’s learning about communication and learning to apply effective and appropriate communication skills in a number of settings, including interpersonal, intercultural, team or group relationships, and various forms of media. Come, explore and learn to improve your own communication skills for a better job, a better community, and a better life!

Economics will prepare you with the strong foundation necessary for pursuing studies in various careers in the fields of banking, inventory management, academia and government service.

If you are planning to start your own business, these programs will offer you the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to start and operate a business. You will deepen your understanding of owning and operating a small business.

This Certificate of Specialization focuses on professional growth. It will help you to develop your small-group leadership and facilitation skills. Additionally, the Certificate of Specialization in Peer Leader Training fulfills several of the most desired skills required by employers. This includes small-group facilitation, cultural competency, listening skills, and analyzing problems using evidence and sound reasoning.

Business management gives you the skills to successfully manage and supervise in today’s ever-changing business environment. This program is designed with consideration of the skills in management and supervision in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Essentials of Facilities Management

Prepare for a career in a growing industry and enroll in our Essentials of Facilities Management class! Facility managers have many different titles and come from a variety of career paths. They’re responsible for making facility systems work harmoniously

In a competitive business environment today, technology comes and goes; however, one skill remains constant—the ability to market.

Learn to improve your communication skills and work in an office environment using computers and software packages.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the scope of administrative tasks in a modern office environment which includes 21st century office technology Foundations of MS Office and Office 365 Foundations of Google G-S

After completing this certificate in project management, you will be able to apply introductory business theories and concepts to researching and analyzing, develop and prepare team based projects and professional business presentations, demonstrate critical thinking skills for analyzing legal and business cases, research and write strategic business and marketing plans and utilize mathematical skills to solve business problems.

The multidisciplinary nature of real estate encompasses a wide variety of knowledge and skills from fundamental principles to more advanced financial, economic, valuation, and legal concepts.

Knowledge of marketing and sales strategies can help you succeed in a professional sales environment or a retail sales environment.